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“No money worth as much as looking the smile and bright eyes of our clients when they see their new home.”

Our story

It all started in 2010. 


After living in California where he worked for 5 different construction companies, Mr. Santos Mendez moved to and settled down in Utah where he worked for 3 more construction businesses. 

The crisis in 2008 left several workers without a job in the construction industry, including him. As they had needs to fill, these workers started taking projects on their own, as freelancers or contractors. Our owner was one of them and followed this path. This how Mendez Stucco Repair, LLC was born.

Since then up till now scores of projects have been done with the Mendez Stucco and Plastering quality seal. We started with one single person, a dreamer who was passionate about stucco and plastering world and who fought several battles to build what we are now.

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We are Mendez Stucco Repair LLC and we work hard every day to grow in success and strive to become the leader contractor in the construction industry of Utah, specialized in stucco, plastering and plasters jobs.

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Our purpose

The reason why Mendez Stucco Repair, LLC is here is to help people like you to give happiness and improve the life quality of your family by providing you with the house of your dreams with the best finishes possible. As well as support you to keep them that way by offering repair services when needed.

Our Values

This is what we believe in:

  • Honesty

  • Responsibility

  • Punctuality

  • Excellence

  • Expertise

Our founder and owner

His name is Santos Mendez. He was born in El Salvador in Nov 26th, 1978 in a place called San Pablo Tacachico in La Libertad. His father was Salvadorean, land worker and had cattle, while his mother was from Guatemala and was in charge of domestic duties. 


His parents decided to move to Guatemala when he was only 3 years old, so he lived there until he was 17 years old. By this age, he started on his way to California looking for a better future, leaving behind his parents and his only brother.


In the 2006, Mr. Mendez met his wife and now they have 4 sons.


He started working duties while he was a kid. During the winter, Mr. Mendez used to help his father to harvest corn, and then, during the summer, he worked in the sugar cane harvest.


Something that he learned from his father was discipline, to be the best worker he can be, responsible, and give great value to the family. He is a whole family man.

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Mr. Mendez has more than 23 years of experience in construction and finishing industry. In California he worked for 5 different companies and 3 more in Utah, which gave Mr. Mendez all the learning tools to become the best in his job. He is absolutely reliable and the best business men you will ever meet.

Now that you have come to know very well who we are and what we do, we would like to meet you and know what we can do for you. Please let us know you by introducing your information right here.
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