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“We love to see old houses restored and look like brand new.”

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If there is something we know for sure is how to restore something old and cracked by time, into a beautiful master piece which doesn’t only look great but also looks like new

We can help you give an incredible look to your home with:

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Plaster repair

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We are experts in this effective way of covering cracks, blemishes and marks to get a flat surface which you can decorate on, and avoid the mess of demolition.


Every plaster wall will eventually get cracks due to pressure and the shrinking of plaster over time, but the main cause of cracks is when it is coming off the wall and you can tell when you knock on the wall it sounds hollow.


We have the professional know-how to fix these issues. You might want to give it a try.

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Water damage repair

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You know you have water problems when you see badly peeling paint or brown stains either in walls or ceiling.


When there is wood involved, wet wood will shed its paint, warp and begin to rot.


By the time, holes appear meaning the rot has advanced pretty far.


You will not want things get worse, so you should call the experts, like us.

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Soffit repair

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Soffits are much more than just decoration. 


They shade the siding and protect it from bad weather as they help keep rainwater away from the foundation. 


They also provide ventilation to the roof and attic to flush away unwanted moisture and keep the roof cooler.


Water-damaged roof edge mostly are caused by leaky roofs or leaky gutters.

If you have this problem you should not hesitate to call us.

¿How do we start working together?


There are 3 ways to get in touch: You can either contact us by mobile, or you can send an email to us, or  fill in the contact form here so we can get back to you through a phone call. In this call, we talk about your needs, the project location and available time to get together in a meeting in place for its evaluation

in project location

Our owner meets you to evaluate the scope of the project and measure all areas involved in the project if you don’t already have all details required. This will allow us to get back to you with a budget proposal for your evaluation and approval

do it

Once you decide start working on the project, you will be required to pay the half of the budget  As soon as we receive the payment we get all what we need and start working in a week the latest. Timeline for getting all job done will depend on each project so we will let you know in advanced through the proposal for your follow up

your new home

Once the project is over we will show you the final result for your checking. If you find something which does not comply your expectation we will agree how we can change it to your satisfaction and proceed to execute the job until is done. Otherwise, you will be ready to enjoy your new home

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Are you ready for letting us roll up our sleeves and get to work on making your dream house come true? 

If so, then please call


+1(801) 636-0964


or fill in this form to get in touch with you now.

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